2019/2020 UK Pet Photographer of the Year

2020 East Mids Pet Photographer of the Year

2021 East Mids Equine Photographer of the Year

Mia has a new friend! In the form of a great big grey Spanish stallion called Vendaval (Vendi or Ven for short).  He is sweet and cuddly with the most amazing mane. However he is the dirtiest horse I have ever met. Poor Mia has a big job on her hands to try and keep him clean. Mud and dirt sort of gravitates to him. Anybody who would like to sponsor Mia with a fantastic horse shampoo will have me eternally grateful!

As it was our first proper shoot with Ven. We kept it short and sweet just so he could get used to new situations. It can be strange with me popping up in different spots with a great big camera and lens. He was a total superstar and while watching me was very relaxed. Especially when he started working with Mia in the school at liberty! 

Its truly beautiful watching Mia work with her Spanish stallion and the horses and to see the trust they have in her and their willingness to be with her.  We can’t wait to see the progress they make together and to watch it grow. Hopefully someday we will be able to have these two on the beach together! 

While we were there we also got to meet the very cute and very cheeky Alfie who adores liberty and jumping. He has lots of a fun tricks like rear, bow, lie down, spanish walk, school halt, spin, sit, the list goes on! Alfie even jumps the other horses and stands on them. Lots of fun ideas planned with this cheeky boy!

Alfie was so adorable in our little shoot together for Sorbeo Bedding who are a fabulous sponsor of Mia and her team! Just look at his cute little inquisitive face! 

Some very exciting plans for the future along with some workshops when Covid restrictions allow.

If you are interested in either a shoot or joining us as a photographer on one of our workshops then please get in touch via our contact page