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Why would you want to book a winter shoot? Or an autumn shoot?

Winter is generally pretty rubbish, rain and wind make shoot days unpredictable and a few reschedules may be needed. Horses have thick winter woollies on the go and dogs seem to be drawn to mud and puddles. 

However! If you can cope with all of this the results can be amazing!

The 4 main reasons to book a winter shoot:

1. Lighting & Colour.

In autumn the colours are the most vibrant of any season. In winter the soft colours and lighting can be very flattering, unlike summer which can bring harsh light and shadows.

2. Mist

One of the advantages of winter is the mist if you are lucky enough to get it! The beautiful atmosphere it creates really shines through in your photos. 

3. Temperature

The colder temperature allows many clothing options you would never normally consider. The beautiful wraps, jackets and scarves along with thick knit jumpers make for gorgeous images.

4. Snow & Frost

If we are lucky and we get some good snow or a lovely hard frost, there’s nothing quite like it. It adds a ‘sparkle’ to the images that you cant get any other time of the year. 

A combination of all these points can be outstanding! Why not get in touch and discuss with us the possibility of a winter shoot, you wont regret it.