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As I’ve mentioned before I actively avoid wedding photography and I do not advertise for them. However I do make exceptions on the rare occasion. This summer was one of these rare occasions. 

I have known Martin & Mel for some time now, not only have we done several shoots together over the years of the pets but Mels beautiful horse Nemo was stabled at the same place my sister in law has her lovely mare. 

When they approached me to do their wedding there was no doubt in my mind and I felt so privileged to be asked. We discussed so many things, timings, venues, flowers as well as the idea of an engagement shoot. While they have had many shoots with me, they hadn’t actually been in the photos just the horses and so I suggested an engagement session. 

An engagement shoot is so important. It’s the first time you get photographed by the person who is going to do your wedding. It’s the time where you get to know your photographer before the big day and where they get to know you too. 

We had the funniest engagement shoot at the beautiful Normanby Hall in Lincolnshire. I just knew that their wedding was going to be one to remember!

On Saturday 24th July Martin and Mel got married and it was beautiful.  The reception was held at the Oaklands Hotel on the edge of Grimsby. It has the most amazing entrance way which I knew we just had to use! Martin (who by his own admission doesn’t do smiling) did not stop smiling the whole day. The adoring looks he gave his new bride was just lovely to see.  They had me in fits of laughter several of times through out the day. The most memorable being when they lined up 4 space hoppers (which looked like race horses) and preceeded to have a race! With Mel in her wedding dress! It didn’t stop there though as she managed to fall off her space hopper. Which of course we caught on camera! 

The truly special man in Mels life (Nemo her beloved thoroughbred) could not be with them on the day. When we were discussing wedding plans we had already booked in after the wedding for an Autumn shoot with Nemo. This is the best excuse ever to get dressed back up in their wedding outfits. So a few weeks ago we headed off to the woods! 

Nemo behaved impeccably especially with a big white wedding dress around his feet and we got some amazing shots. Even if he did try and rid himself of all his flowers, with the biggest shake ever in the first 10 minutes!

Mel and Martin have been to view all the photos from that session now. I cant wait for the beautiful framed canvases to arrive!